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             Haining Didi Case Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the base of national incubation project -- Haining Technology Venture Center. And our company’s address is the 13th Floor, Suite A, No. 128 Shuanglian Road, Haining. Haining lies in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, northern Zhejiang Province. Considered as the connection of Hangzhou and Shanghai, Haining has convenient transportation and a graceful natural environment. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants come and pay a visit and negotiate business.

             The company takes subverting the use of traditional luggage as purpose; taking researching and developing intelligent cases as aim; taking offering fashionable and smart traveling experiences as idea; taking building the company to an aircraft carrier in the field as vision; taking contributing to the society as responsibility.

             The company has obtained the first national technological project of intelligent luggage. Now our company has more than dozens of new appearance and technology patents, more than twenty new structures patents, more than ten invention patents, and more than twenty international patents.

             The company has passed both the Chinese and English version of ISO9001: 2015 QMS certification, ISO14001 EMS certification and GB/T28001-2001 idt OHSAS18001: 2007 OHSAS certification. These certifications ensure the quality of the product is reliable; the material is environmentally friendly, and is harmless for health.
             The company has a thorough set of product testing equipment for vulnerable parts of intelligent cases to do a comprehensive and systematic strength testing to ensure that products are all qualified before shipment. Each of the tested products is affixed with a corresponding identification. The full inspection ensures that products purchased by customers are qualified and assures that customers to buy and use our products at ease.

             The company’s main business scope: all kinds of smart luggage of finished products, semi-finished products, accessories, technical cooperation of intelligent systems, and sales of products, and so on.

             Our greatest wish is your easy, stylistic, convenient and happy travels. Taking place of the traditional travel with an intelligent one is our expectation. Once using our intelligent cases, wherever you travel to, your family will not worry about you, as our products have precise positioning. And the product features we developed are far more than that ... ...


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